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Created on 2017-12-31 09:05:30 (#3328077), last updated 2019-03-20 (4 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Mar 3
Location:United States of America

Interests (142):

1800's literature, advocacy for marginalized groups, almost famous, alternative rock, ambient, animal rescue and rehabilitation shows, animals, animism, anne rice, avatar, baroque, beauty and the beast, billy martin (formerly poppy z. brite), blues, books based on my local area, books by local authors, buddhism, captain planet, charles de lint, chronic illness interest books, classic and modern showtunes and musicals, classic country, classic metal, classic rock, classical, coastal ecosystems, creative nonfiction, dark shadows, darkwave, disability documentaries when i can find them, disability interest books, disability rights, dr. quinn medicine woman, druidry, ecosystem restoration, eddie and the cruisers i & ii, edgar allan poe, edna st. vincent millay, emily dickinson, environmental and wildlife documentaries, environmentalism, fantasy, fern gully, firefly, folk, gardening, general fiction, general polytheism, goth, grunge, h.p. lovecraft, hair metal, hellenic polytheism, henry beston, henry david thoreau, henry wadsworh longfellow, hippie rock, historical fiction, history, holly black, industrial, instructional writing books, irish and scottish folk, irish polytheism, j.k. rowling, j.r.r. tolkien, jane lindskold, knitting, lady and the tramp, lgbt documentaries, lgbtquia and especially transgender interest books, lgbtquia rights, listening to music, literary fiction, mary oliver, meditation, memoirs, mental illness interest books, moana, motown, mr. roger's neighborhood, my little pony, my local bioregion, mythology, neil gaiman, neo-classical, nu metal, pagan, pagan and polytheist fiction, pagan folk, pagan polytheist and animist books, pagan rock, pagan/polytheist/animist docus when possible, paganism, patricia briggs, patrick rothfuss, peter pan, pit bulls and parolees, playing bass guitar, poetry, post-punk, progressive rock, psychedelic rock, queer as folk, ralph waldo emerson, reading, reading rainbow, return to the land of souls, richard bach, rock, romantic, sara teasdale, some motivational books, some new age books, some rap, some sci-fi, some self-help books, star trek ds9, star trek in general, star trek tng, stephen dobyns, stephen dunn, surf rock, swing, symphonic metal, tabletop rpgs, tamora pierce, tarot, terry tempest williams, the dog whisperer, the gilmore girls, the harry potter movies, the little mermaid, the original addams family, the rocky horror picture show, the star trek movies, tony hoagland, ursula k. le guin, walt whitman, will & grace, witchraft, writing
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